How To Convert PHP Array To JSON Object

In this example, I will demonstrate how to convert a PHP array into a JSON object. We will use the json_encode() function, an essential built-in function in PHP that facilitates the conversion of PHP arrays or objects into JSON representations.

There are many scenarios where the conversion of a PHP array into a JSON array is essential, especially when dealing with AJAX requests. JSON responses are the preferred choice for efficient data exchange in web development.

Throughout this article, I'll provide you with three distinct examples of how to convert a PHP array into a JSON object, each accompanied by its respective output. Additionally, I will show you how to forcibly convert an array into a JSON object using the "JSON_FORCE_OBJECT" parameter.

Example 1:

Converts a PHP array of colors into a JSON object and prints the result

  $colors = ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue'];
  $colorsJSON = json_encode($colors);
  echo $colorsJSON;





Example 2:

Converts a PHP array of colors into a JSON object with forced object conversion and prints the result.

  $colors = ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue'];
  $colorsJSONObject = json_encode($colors, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT);
  echo $colorsJSONObject;




Example 3:

Converts a PHP associative array representing an address into a JSON string and prints the result

  $address = ['city'=>'Delhi', 'place'=>'Red Fort'];
  $jsonData = json_encode($address);
  echo $jsonData;


{"city":"Delhi","place":"Red Fort"}

I have added 3 examples for your reference, you can use anyone as per your requirements.



In conclusion, we've explored how to convert PHP arrays into JSON objects using the json_encode() function. JSON encoding is a fundamental operation when working with data interchange between PHP and other systems, such as JavaScript or APIs.

By understanding how to perform this conversion, you can effectively handle JSON data in your PHP and Laravel applications.


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